Food Rating System

For the purposes of the blog, we rate the food in a few ways. In the Summary Post of each trip, we’ll rank all the restaurants that we visited. In addition to the ranking, we highlight the ones we recommend and the ones we would have avoided in hindsight. You can also find this in the Restaurant Rank section of the Summary tabs.

Within the detailed pages of each trip and on the caption of most food photos, we’ll rank each dish a 0 to 10, 10 being exceptional with a brief criteria below:

0/10 – Absolutely no execution and/or passion in the dish. Inedible, Grossly misadvertised, disappointing. It’s worth discussing with other people, we still talk about that dish today.

5/10 – Enjoyable consumption

10/10 – We didn’t know an ingredient/dish could taste that good. We finish with, “Now that’s how this dish should taste, why can’t other places do that!” One of the best dishes we’ve had during the year. It’s worth discussing with other people, , We still talk about that dish today.

Jen’s not a fan of rating the dishes, but I think it add some value. Especially four years after a trip, when you can’t remember every detail about a meal. It also helps decipher the must order dishes. So until there is a better system, it’s here to stay.

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