Santa Barbara, CA– April 2014 – Summary

Jen and I have been dating for six months and as many relationships progress, it was time for the inevitable first vacation. Where should I take my love to be? There are endless itineraries to journey the world. A romantic stroll down the Champs-Élysées showering her with Louis Vuitton handbags while taking a break only to nibble on our Ladurée macaroon. Relaxing with a proper afternoon tea sandwiched between exploring the mysteries of Stonehedge and shopping our way through Covent Gardens. Perhaps show my cultured side and take her on an African safari. The elaborate fairy tale wasn’t to be on our initial junket. We kept it short, simple and with minimal risk. A weekend trip to Santa Barbara, CA. An hour and half from Hollywood. Two days filled with ocean breeze, wine tasting and Julia Child’s favorite Mexican restaurant. The  last thing to do was cork a bottle of 2004 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot, pop Sideways in the DVD player and have Miles Raymond teach me the proper manner to handle the spit bucket.
Cities visited: Santa Barbara, Los Olivos, Camarillo

0 flight
366 car
0 train
0 biked
0 jogged

Length: 2 days



Oversized chess set at Zaca Mesa Winery, Los Olivos, CA

Restaurant Rank

Biggest surprise: La Super Rica. There’s actually good Mexican food outside of Los Angeles.

Toughest reservation: N/A (the line at La Super Rica)

Biggest disappointment: Santa Barbara wines

Top Dishes

Total attractions: 8

Cost per attraction: $13

Santa Barbara 2008 – Final Agenda (PDF)

Jen picked me up in her SUV and as I departed my apartment, I noticed Jen wasn’t at ease. Maybe she wasn’t used to getting back in the dating scene. Maybe she was regretting the trip before it started. I don’t know, but we were on our way.

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